Top 6 Reasons to Choose a Career in Digital Marketing

Jun 04, 2020 lessburn ACADEMY

As more and more businesses seek to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing digital marketplace, the demand for the right kind of Digital Marketing professionals is on the rise. Digital Marketing can be a good career choice for anyone who wants to capitalize on this emerging digital revolution.

So, are you considering a career in Digital Marketing? Here are some compelling reasons for you to get on to the digital marketing bandwagon.

Open for Anyone from Diverse Backgrounds

Students from any stream of education with a flair for marketing can seek a career in Digital Marketing as it does not mandate a background in a particular field or stream. This opens the digital marketing career door wide for students from a vast array of academic disciplines.

A Dynamic, Evolving Industry 

Trends and technologies in Digital marketing emerge and develop at a rapid pace compared to most other industries. This means that successful digital marketers are always looking out for what's new and are always adapting and exploring new trends and opportunities, picking up new technologies, tools and approaches on-the-go. 

For those Creative Minds 

A role in Digital Marketing comes with plenty of opportunities to be creative. Content creation is a huge part of a digital marketer’s job, means that you get to write stories, scripts, shoot videos, record podcasts, create infographics, and pursue other creative content generation strategies. The role also requires an out-of-the-box thinking approach to situations on hand, giving creativity room to flourish. 

A Career always 'In-Demand'

With all businesses big and small, choosing to go the digital way, digital marketing is one industry that can be called 'recession-proof'. As digitization continues across industries, companies across the world from start-ups to established corporates are seeking digital professionals with relevant experience. 

By the end of 2020, the Digital industry is expected to produce more than 20 Lakh Jobs in India. For even in times of uncertainties, like the COVID-19 crisis we're currently facing or in the scenario of an industry-wide recession, opportunities in digital marketing is one that shall continue to remain as it caters to the essential marketing needs of businesses in all verticals.

Competitive Payscale

A career in digital marketing has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and it has become a prerequisite for any marketing job now. According to Marketing Charts, four in ten marketing jobs require digital marketing skills. 

Right now, trends indicate that the demand for digital marketing professionals is far exceeding the supply. This is probably what's interesting and beneficial about the job market for digital professionals - There is huge competition for skilled talent regardless of industry. 

This means that Digital Marketers with the right skills can negotiate for great salaries and also land greater benefits and perhaps even bonuses depending on their role. 

Career Growth and Exposure

Digital Marketing space provides professionals with ample growth opportunities. Being a dynamic sector with a range of disciplines, one is likely to meet and work with professionals from different backgrounds and different interests, which makes for a great learning curve. Also, the huge talent gap in the industry makes it easy for professionals with the right attitude and skills to be recognized, taking them rapidly up the career ladder.

"In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it." - Frank D’Souza, CEO of Cognizant

Go Digital, Go with lessburn ACADEMY!

It goes without saying that there is a vast opportunity in the Digital Marketing space for students and professionals across roles and industries. As we stride faster into a completely digitized world at a rapid pace, employers, both local and global are on the lookout for skilled professionals who can fill the digital marketing gaps in their organizations and drive business objectives such as leads, revenue, and brand awareness.

Nevertheless, a Digital Marketing role is a challenging one that requires a special skill set and training which may not necessarily come from online learning alone. If you're considering a serious career in digital marketing, it is important to also learn the tools and technologies needed to meet industry challenges. To reserve the future you deserve, it is highly recommended to take up a digital marketing course at a premium Institute like lessburn ACADEMY


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